September 7, Posted in Uncategorized

We became aware of an incident that occurred over this past weekend at St. Francis Xavier University while paramedics were on scene to respond to a call. In a video shared on social media, two men can be seen climbing on top of the ambulance while a crowd of onlookers cheer them on. We strongly condemn the actions of those involved.

What if paramedics had been in the ambulance treating a patient? Many procedures can be delicate and require a steady hand – rocking and shaking of the vehicle can cause serious harm. 

What if paramedics had returned to the ambulance with a patient in critical condition and in need of immediate transport? Minutes and seconds can be the difference between life and death. Waiting for inconsiderate party-goers to remove themselves from the ambulance could’ve cost valuable life-saving time. 

What these people did was thoughtless, inconsiderate and potentially extremely dangerous for themselves, our paramedics and the patient they were there to help. We sincerely hope that the university will look into this matter and discipline those involved accordingly.