August 10, Posted in Uncategorized

We recently revived the #CodeCritical campaign, which has been running on and off since February 2018. Back then, we started the campaign because paramedic availability and working conditions were at the point of crisis. Today, over three years later, health care in this province is in a state of disaster.

On July 28, we saw the worst #CodeCritical alert we’ve ever sent out: the entire mainland of Nova Scotia with a MAXIMUM of two available paramedic crews per county. Since then, we’ve seen this happen twice more. 

We’ve also heard of instances where paramedic crews were dispatched to calls from four or five hours away. We don’t have to tell you what that could mean to someone’s health. 

Despite this, our government has remained silent. Not a word from Iain Rankin or the Liberals on #CodeCritical and the disastrous state of our pre-hospital care system. This speaks volumes to their priorities and their care for the safety of Nova Scotians. What kind of government could watch their people suffer and do nothing?

According to EMC though, everything is fine. This is how the system was designed to function. If everything really is fine, EMC, then why do they feel the need to silence your own employees with gag orders and restrictive social media policies? 

The system isn’t working. The system is broken. The system abuses paramedics and leaves Nova Scotians behind. We’ve had enough – and we know Nova Scotians and our members have too. 

Stand with us. Demand change. Vote accordingly.