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From the office of Terry Chapman, Business Manager and Spokesperson for the Union representing Nova Scotia Ground and Air Ambulance Paramedics and RN’s.

Hospital closures in Cape Breton, announced by the Liberal Government on June 25th, in this spokespersons opinion, are simply another overacted and under-thought action creating uncertainties and greater labour turmoil.

Programs such as those possibly projected are already in existence and operate with Nova Scotia Paramedics. Comments suggesting that although Nova Scotia Paramedics are highly trained, they may not be qualified to participate in certain government programs of alternative assessment or care are unfounded.

Terry Chapman has not formerly been made aware of the details of what additional tasks may be expected of Nova Scotia Paramedics, however, he projects that this can only add to the current overtaxing of the Nova Scotia Ambulance System and add more on the backs of the already overworked Paramedics.

The current Governments June 25th statement serves to remind us that after subjecting us to an insulting Bill 148, it will be expecting that we provide yet more services.

Terry Chapman



Media Release Re CB Hospital Closures

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