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First Annual Maritime Paramedic Union Conference takes place


Halifax, Nova Scotia – On Wednesday, Paramedic and Dispatcher Unions from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI met for the first time in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to discuss issues paramedics and dispatchers are facing in their provinces. Ambulance services in each of these provinces are operated by Medavie.


“At the end of the day, our goal is to do the best we can for our paramedics and dispatchers and to provide the best possible care to our communities. This meeting was a great tool for our provinces in achieving that.” Says Michael Nickerson, IUOE Local 727 President.


This year’s Maritime Paramedic Union Conference was hosted by IUOE Local 727 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The intention is that this will be an annual conference, with next year’s being hosted by CUPE 3324 in PEI.


Each province was given the opportunity to present on issues paramedics and dispatchers in their areas are facing, followed by a round table on the issues discussed. Topics included offload delays, half-staffed and out of service ambulances, inherent overtime caused by these delays, missed meals, paramedic burnout, low morale and more.


“Staffing shortages and equipment resources continue to be a constant concern affecting employee morale and public safety” says Terry Chapman, IUOE Local 727 Business Manager.


Representatives from PEI and New Brunswick can be reached directly: Jason Woodbury, CUPE 3324 President (PEI) at 902-439-0442, Greg McConaghy, CUPE 4848 President (NB) at 506-575-4245.




Brie MacIsaac

IUOE Local 727

Public Relations Officer