The Clinical Support Desk is a new program that provides an alternative support system for paramedics in the field. Either an experienced Advanced Care Paramedic or an experienced Acute Care Registered Nurse accepts consult from paramedics to provide clinical advice, additional resources and act as a liaison between hospitals and the EMS system to coordinate the transportation of critically ill patients.

The Clinical Support Desk staff have additional training regarding high-risk patients, the nature of illness and pathophysiology of common disease process. If a patient is refusing medical care in the field, paramedics may call the Clinical Support Desk to discuss possible risks associated with that refusal, and create a care plan. In addition to providing advice, the Clinical Support Desk may also recommend and assist with referrals to other health-related programs. When a hospital needs to coordinate the urgent transport of a patient, the Clinical Support Desk also works as a liaison between operational and clinical decision-making.