Our Union Executive Board Structure and hierarchy in Labour Relations?

The Executive Board President is elected and tasked with being the Chair at Executive Board and membership meetings to ensure the rules of order, the Constitution and the Local Union rules are not waived. The President does not function as the Business Manager of the Local Union office and is not directly involved with the Labour Relations and representative aspect of the Local Union’s duties unless he/she is also a paid Union Employee. As the President alone, they do not receive a salary or represent the membership in day-to-day operations.

The Executive Board Vice President is elected and sits as a regular officer and fulfills the duties of the President in their absence.

The Executive Board Treasurer is elected. They affirm the financial audits which are prepared by an independent auditing firm each year and read the audits and financial reports at the Annual General Meeting.

The Executive Board Secretary-Treasurer is elected. They read and review the term audit at the Executive Board meeting.

The Executive Board Recording Secretary is elected. They record and distribute the minutes of the Executive Board meeting.

NOTE: If, by chance, any of the Executive Board officers are also appointed Site or Regional Stewards, as a steward they have authority to file a grievance and represent site issues etc.

Hierarchy of the Local Union with respect to Representation, Business and Labour Relations: 

The ‘Reporting Structure’ from the top down is:

  1. Business Manager.
  2. Authorized Business Agent(s) are not elected but are hired by the Business Manager. They are employees of the Local Union who take direction from the Business Manager.
  3. Regional Stewards are appointed by the Business Manager and report to and take direction from, 1) Business Manager and 2) the Business Agent(s).
  4. Local / Site Stewards are appointed by the Business Manager and report to, and take direction from the Regional Stewards, Business Agent(s), and the Business Manager.