April 29, Posted in Covid-19, Latest Post

An article was recently published outlining the impact New Brunswick border restrictions are having on Cumberland County’s regional hospital. To read that article, click here

This is an issue that is also having a large impact on paramedics who live in New Brunswick and work in Nova Scotia. They come to work, only to have to return home and isolate. This has a huge impact on their mental health, working in a straining and stressful job, then losing their freedom to enjoy what little free time they have. 

In a system already strained and understaffed, we cannot afford to lose the dozen or more paramedics who may not be able to continue employment in Nova Scotia at this time, and may never return if this happens. We have raised this issue with EMC, and hope to see all sides push for modified border policies for health care workers. 

As always, we are here to support our members. If you’re a paramedic living in New Brunswick and working in Nova Scotia and have concerns, reach out to us.