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In Nova Scotia, a paramedic is a highly skilled and licensed medical professional who may be called to any emergency setting. Paramedics can be licenced for different practitioner levels, including primary, intermediate, advanced, or critical care. The primary duties of a paramedic are: 

  • Respond to emergency calls such as sudden medical illness, mental health illness, accidents (automobile, industrial, etc.), building collapses and natural disasters. 
  • Provide emergency medical care at the scene or care en route to other medical facilities. 
  • As appropriate, transport patients to the required hospital or other medical facilities for further medical care. 
  • Educate the public on health and safety issues. 

Nova Scotia Paramedics have one of Canada's most immense scopes of practice.  They can perform advanced medical procedures and deliver emergency medications. They are also utilized for chronic condition management and end-of-life care.

Our paramedics can also be found working in hospitals alongside other healthcare professionals providing assessment and care in collaborative care centers.

Life Flight Team

The Nova Scotia Life flight team comprises a critical care paramedic and a flight nurse. These healthcare professionals work in tandem in a mobile intensive care setting, providing management and transport of the most seriously ill patients. In addition, this team responds to hospital requests and scene missions and may respond by helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft, or ground.

Transport Operators/Clinical Transport Operators

Transport Operators/Clinical Transport Operators are the newest addition to the Nova Scotia prehospital team. Transport Operators/Clinical Transport Operators are utilized in transporting low-acuity patients between medical facilities, from their homes to medical facilities and from medical facilities to their homes. This is most often for tests or medical procedures of patients who do not require any medical care during transport.

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We are the Nova Scotian Paramedic Union and represent all ground ambulance and flight Paramedics, Flight Nurses and Transport Operators/Clinical Transport Operators.


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